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Fused Zirconium Dioxide/Yttria Stabilized Zirconium/Acetylene Carbon Black
Yttria Stabilized Zirconium
Yttria Stabilized Zirconium

Introduction of Yttria Stabilized Zirconium

Yttrium stabilized zirconium is a kind of non-toxic, tasteless, white powder. Yttrium stabilized zirconia has enough stability in alkali solution and lots of acid solution, except hot concentrated H2S04, HF and H3P04. It enjoys excellent properties of ceramic, such as strong thermal shock resistance, high temperature resistance and good chemical stability. Yttrium stabilized zirconia compound other materials (Al2O3, SiO2) which could greatly improve the performance of material parameters, the fracture toughness, flexural strength, and etc. Make high-tech composite materials with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other good characteristics. Meanwhile, under the certain conditions, the composite materials can display the electric, magnetic, optical, acoustic and other special functions. The heat insulating and high temperature of ZrO2 composite materials is the best in a variety of metal oxide ceramic materials. Stabilized zirconia is an important component of senior ceramic pigment and glaze, it is suitable to be made into ceramic coating and high-temperature refractory products. Zirconia Yttria is an important kind of Zro2 structure ceramic materials, with the phase transformation toughening properties, good mechanical properties, high fracture toughness and bending strength, have the lowest thermal conductivity but thermal expansion coefficient is close to metal materials. Stabilized zirconia also is a wonderful material to be made into solid electrolyte, also can be used for SOFC electrolyte and high-temperature heater. Stabilized zirconia is widely used in electronic ceramics, structural ceramics, biological ceramics, high-grade refractory materials, piezoelectric element, radio components, optical lenses and other industries.

Specification of Yttria Stabilized Zirconium

Specification of Yttria Stabilized Zirconium
Chemical component Zr(Hf)O2(%) ≥94.6 ≥94.2 ≥90.6 ≥90.6 ≥86.4 ≥86.4
Y2O3(%) 5.15±0.2 5.15±0.2 8.8±0.25 8.8±0.25 13.3±0.4 13.3±0.4
SiO2(%) < 0.02 0.02 < 0.02 < 0.02 < 0.02 < 0.02
Al2O3(%) < 0.01 0.15-0.35 < 0.01 < 0.01 < 0.01 < 0.01
Fe2O3(%) < 0.01 < 0.01 < 0.005 < 0.005 < 0.01 < 0.01
Na2O(%) < 0.01 < 0.005 < 0.005 < 0.005 < 0.01 < 0.01
TiO2(%) < 0.01 < 0.01 < 0.005 < 0.005 < 0.01 < 0.01
Cl_(%) < 0.04 < 0.04 < 0.05 < 0.05 < 0.04 < 0.04
Loss on ignition(wt%) < 1.0 < 1.0 < 3.0 < 1.0 < 1.0 < 3.5
Particle size D50(μm) 0.2-0.6 0.2-0.6 < 1.0 < 1.0 0.2-0.6 0.2-0.6
BET(m2/g) 15-20 8-10 5-38 5-38 15-20 8-10
Notes: D50and BET could be adjusted according to buyers' requirments


1.The structural ceramics or toughness ceramics

Yttrium stabilized zirconia can be used in high strength, high toughness and wear-resistant products, such as grinding media, lining and wear parts of grinding machine, cutting tools, wire-drawing die, hot extrusion die; because zirconia Yttria products with good strength and toughness, low thermal conductivity, low elastic modulus, high thermal shock, and 1100℃ high working temperature, used in parts of engine and internal combustion engine. For example, ceramic bearings, roller, pry bar, ceramic valve and injector, and etc. In addition, toughness zirconium oxide with small volume, light weight, high thermal efficiency, zirconia Yttria also can be used to produce lots of parts, for instance, cylinder liner, piston, valve guide, intake and exhaust valve seat, lifter, cam, cam follower and piston ring. Moreover, yttrium stabilized zirconium still use to make the computer drive components, seal, cooling blade of aircraft engine

2.Grinding media and grinding tool

Be used in ball mill, ball media, interior lining of ball mill and wear-resisting parts and grinding machine parts. The consumption of toughness ceramic accounts for more than half in the field of grinding media in China, but zirconium oxide ball media accounts for the vast majority in grinding media.

3.Fiber optical connectors

The physical properties of zirconium dioxide is similar to fiber optical material. Yttrium stabilized zirconia oxide can effectively match fiber optical with the pin, as well as the mechanical properties of zirconium ceramics is high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and physical properties of ultrafine sintering grain, stabilized zirconia fiber can satisfy the requirement of the complicated working condition, and it has extremely low wear rate in the process of repeatedly plug and pull out.

4.Biological ceramic

Because the stabilized zirconia oxide has high hardness, no magnetic, also won't rusty, it applies in nonmagnetic material products such as used for medical scalpel, artificial joints, zirconia teeth, artificial bone, imitation jewelry, zirconia tooth cap and etc.

5.Ceramic knifes, wear resistance and corrosion resistance mechanical parts and grinding machine parts

Toughness zirconia ceramics used to make ceramic knives, scissors, screwdriver, hammer, saws, an ax, high temperature sealing washer, etc. The zirconium ceramic knives are more suitable for cutting raw food and cooked food. As well as to be used in avoiding magnetic watch case, corrosion resistance parts and other instrument parts.

6.Functional ceramics and electronic ceramics

Stabilized zirconia is used in produce insulating ceramic materials, integrated circuit substrate, high frequency insulating ceramics and etc. Ultrasonic transducer, filter, piezoelectric ignition, piezoelectric motor, resonators, piezoelectric element, oxygen sensitive resistor, high-capacity capacitor, etc.

7.Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and oxygen sensor

Because Yttrium stabilized zirconia has a high ionic conduction under high temperature, cubic stability ZrO2 is widely used in solid electrolyte of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) and oxygen sensor. Zirconium oxide solid electrolyte is the core component of the solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), its ionic conductivity largely determines the output power of SOFC and current density.

8.Used in melting glass, optical glass, electronic microscope lens and the lens of high magnification and resolution high times astronomical telescope

9.Refractory metal materials in metallurgy and electronic bearing plate

10.Imitation Jewelry


The main steps of yttrium stabilized zirconia dioxide powder by chemically coprecipitation method: mixing ZrOCl2 with YCl3 solution, then through coprecipitation, water washing, alcohol aging, low temperature drying, calcination, ball mill, airflow crushing, and sieving. Generally speaking, in order to improve the performance of ceramics, yttrium stabilized zirconia powder will be granulated by high-speed centrifugal spray.

Our advantages

1.Mature production technology, zirconia Yttria products we supplied produced by chemically coprecipitation method. The characteristics of chemically coprecipitation are process simple, high purity powder, and good performance. The production process can be completely controlled, to ensure that produce stable and reliable performance product under mass production. The advantages of Yttrium stabilized zirconia powder are small particle size, narrow distribution range, high activity, uniform high-quality product; low powder agglomerate, and good compactness for sintering product. The zirconia Yttria products can meet the requirements of a variety of molding process by controlling the process conditions and adjusting the specific surface area. The technical indicators of zirconia Yttria products have reached the similar products of foreign advanced enterprise. The annual supply capacity of Yttrium stabilized zirconia is 1,000 tons.

2.Stabilized product quality: the production base owns a team of professional technical personnel and product research and development personnel and has the domestic first-class production and testing equipments. Strict quality management system to ensure high quality products.

3.Professional sales team: as a professional zirconia Yttria supplier, Jiaozuo Chengyuan New Material Co., Ltd. has a professional sales and technical team which have many years of experience in international trade, sincerely provide high quality products, competitive  price and professional pre-sale, sale, and after-sales service for our customers.

4.Personalized services: to be best zirconia Yttria oxide supplier Jiaozuo Chengyuan New Material Co., Ltd. could provide best service which can help our customers buy cheap Yttria stabilized zirconium, nanometer Zirconium Dioxide, fused zirconium dioxide, and Yttria Powder products at a reasonable price from China. We also supply customized products according to the customers' needs and meet the personalized needs of customers. Jiaozuo Chengyuan New Material Co., Ltd. just treats our customers as friends as well as the family.

5.Analysis report available

6.Jiaozuo Chengyuan New Material Co., Ltd. can supply a small quantity of free samples for your reference.

7.Jiaozuo Chengyuan New Material Co., Ltd. has Yttrium stabilized zirconia for sale, welcome to buy from us.

Notes: Packaging and storage conditions

1.Packing: Barrel, lined with plastic sheets, net weight: 20 kg per barrel. Also can packing according to the requirements of customers.

2.Stabilized zirconia is a kind of non-dangerous chemical, and should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Keep away from the kindling, fire source, moisture and sunlight.

3.Should wear masks, overalls, prevent inhalation in work, after work should take a bath and change clothes. With water or other fire fighting equipment to save when the fire.

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