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Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

Introduction of Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

In nanometer ceramic, the melting point, sintering temperature and crystallization temperature of ultrafine zirconia powder are lower than conventional powder. The particle size of nanometer ultrafine zirconia powder is small and surface energy is great, the interface after compressed to piece has high energy that can become driving force of atomic motion in the sintering process. So that ultrafine zirconia powder is advantageous to shrinkage of pore in the interface, which reduce the sintering temperature. The applications of nanometer ZrO2 are focused in structural ceramics, the oxygen sensor and catalyst promoter. Ultrafine zirconia enjoys superior plasticity and variable toughness, ultrafine zirconia is widely used in electrochemical devices, structural ceramics and catalytic system, etc. In the auto industry, nanometer ZrO2 catalyst is an important catalyst Promoter in catalytic converter system. Nanometer ZrO2 can help to control redox reaction of CeO2 catalyst carrier.

Specification of Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

Specification of Nanometer Zirconium Dioxide
Chemical component Zr(Hf)O2(%) ≥99.9 ≥99.9
SiO2(%) < 0.02 0.02
Fe2O3(%) < 0.005 < 0.005
Na2O(%) < 0.003 < 0.003
TiO2(%) < 0.005 < 0.005
Loss on ignition(wt%) < 2.0 < 2.0
Particle size D50(μm) 0.2-0.6 0.7-1.0
BET(m2/g) 10-50 10-50
Notes: D50and BET could be adjusted according to buyers' requirments

Production Process

Currently, homogeneous precipitation method of preparation of nanometer ZrO2 is the most widely used. The prominent advantages of this method are simple chemical reaction process, small powder particles, high activity, good uniformity and low cost, easy to industrialization production.

The applications of ultrafine zirconia powder:

1.refractory materials

2.ceramics toughening agent, anti cracking agent

3.additives of lithium battery material

4.catalyst promoter

5.Additive in optical glass, ceramic coating and titanium coating

6.Minus reflection film coating of the solar cell, coated to the surface of the solar cell glass form good minus reflection film.

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Ultrafine Zirconia Powder
Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

Introduction of Ultrafine Zirconia PowderIn nanometer ceramic, the melting point, sintering temperature and crystallization temperature of ultrafine zirconia powder are lower than convention...