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Fused Zirconium Dioxide/Yttria Stabilized Zirconium/Acetylene Carbon Black

Performance Of Acetylene Black

Performance Of Acetylene Black

1. The volume per unit weight mass ml/g: the volume of mass of unit weight. Unit: ml/g. The experimental method: Pour the item into the 50ml volumetric flask, shake slightly, get 50ml of solid material, and then take it out.

2. Iodine absorption value g/kg: The carbon black iodine value determination is a common method to measure carbon black surface area. The method: Infiltrate quantitative carbon black samples with iodine standard solution of prescribed concentration, mix them well to reach the balance, and separate carbon black and iodine solution, and the concentration of iodine solution is titrated with sodium thiosulfate. Calculate the ratio between the amount of iodine adsorbed and the amount of carbon black which is the iodine absorption value of carbon black.

3. Hydrochloric acid absorption capacity ml/g: Acetylene carbon black boasts developed structure, large volume, and strong liquid absorption ability. Add excess hydrochloric acid to the sample, after full absorption of hydrochloric acid, give certain pressure, squeeze out residual hydrochloric acid, and the part which is not squeezed out is the amount of hydrochloric acid absorbed by the sample.

4. Resistivity Ω.cm: Resistivity is used to represent the physical properties of a variety of material resistance. At room temperature (20 ℃), resistance of the wire made of a material which is one meter long and boasts a cross-sectional area of 1 square millimeter is the resistivity of the material. The unit of resistivity is ohm-meter (Ω.cm or ohm.meter), and the common units are ohm-millimeter and ohm-meter.

5. PH value: The hydrogen ion concentration index refers to the ratio between the total number of hydrogen ions in the solution and the ratio of the total amount of material. Its value is commonly known as "pH value." It represents the value of the degree of acidity or alkalinity of the solution, that is, the negative value of the commonly used logarithm of the concentration of hydrogen ions contained.

6. Heating loss: Some substances are not very pure, but easily absorb water. After heating, the active ingredient will be reduced, and the amount reduced is the heating loss.

7. Coarse fraction: Accurately weigh a certain amount of sample in the beaker, add ethanol dilute solution as a wetting agent, prepare into a paste, pour it into the 150μm test sieve, and clean with tap water rinse. The residue remaining on the sieve is then dried and weighed, i.e., as coarse fraction.

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