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The Notice of Speeding Up The Substitution of Toxic Raw Material(Product)Sent By Three National Mini

The Notice of Speeding Up The Substitution of Toxic Raw Material(Product)Sent By Three National Mini In 14, Dec. 2016, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Environmental Protection of people’s republic of China jointly send a notice. The content of the notice is as follows: In order to implement the "China Manufacturing 2025" and "The green industrial development plan (2016-2020)", and guide enterprises to sustainable development, use low-toxic and non-toxic raw materials and products, reduce the toxic and harmful substances, reduce or avoid the generation of pollutants from the source. The substitution directory of toxic and harmful materials (product) encouraged by the state (2016 Edition), worked out by above three ministries, was officially released. The relevant enterprises should strictly comply with the requirements of domestic implementation and achieve the objectives and tasks involved in advance. The related products in battery industry are as follows:

The enterprise should pay close attention to the relevant ministries’ requirements on the battery industry. Through no clear replacement, time is stipulated in the notice but is expected to be put forward in a relatively short period of time (such as six months to a year). Such as, there is a transitional period for manganese and zinc carbon batteries from low mercury batteries to mercury-free batteries. By the time, the related ministries will put forward mandatory time requirements. Therefore, mercury containing button cells and nickel-cadmium cell and lead accumulator manufacturers should make plans in advance, and speed up the pace of new product research and development, and promote the sustained and healthy development of China's battery industry.


The battery need to be substituted

The main component of the substitutes

Application scope

lithium-ion battery

Lead accumulator


Electric vehicles, communication emergency power supply, photovoltaic power generation and another accumulation system

Mercury-free for alkaline Zn-MnO2 button cells

Mercury-containing for alkalineZn-MnO2 button cells

Zinc and Manganese (No Mercury)

Handy Instrument

Hydrogen nickel batteries and lithium ion batteries

nickel-cadmium cell

Nickel, rare earth element, lithium (no cadmium)

Electric tool, handy electric appliance batteries

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