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Fused Zirconium Dioxide/Yttria Stabilized Zirconium/Acetylene Carbon Black

Grinding Material

Grinding Material

Yttrium stabilized zirconia ceramics enjoy excellent properties of ceramic, such as high strength, great fracture toughness, high density, good wear resistance, superior hardness and other properties, the features of Ysz grinding media are good wear resistance and high grinding efficiency. The wear rate of Ysz grinding media is particularly low, which can effectively prevent grinding materials from being contaminated and guarantee the high purity of grinding materials. The density of zirconium Ysz grinding media is high, so that the efficiency of milling process is also particularly high. The low wear rate of Ysz grinding media can effectively guarantee the stability of the grinding process conditions and consistency of quality of grinding materials , so that the quality of grinding material is easy to control and management.

The main performance of zirconia ceramic grinding media are as below:

1.The roundness of zirconium mircobead is good, smooth surface and has pearly luster.

2.Zirconium mircobead has superior toughness, impact resistance, not disintegrate in high speed. Minimum friction coefficient makes TZP zirconium beads to wear the equipment is very low.

3. The wear ability of TZP zirconium mircobead is 30 to 50 times than glass beads, for zirconium silicate bead is five times or so.

4. The density of TZP zirconium microbead is higher than other ceramic grinding, its grinding efficiency is six to eight times than glass beads, for zirconium silicate bead is 2 to 3 times, TZP zirconium bead can improve the solid content of material or increase the material flow.

There are many advantages of TZP milling media.

1, The TZP milling media is extremely low abrasion level (PPM), so that can prevent material from pollution.

2, The TZP milling media is suitable for high viscosity, wet grinding and dispersion materials.

3, high grinding efficiency.

4, The service life of TZP milling media is longer and its operation cost is low.

Compared with the traditional grinding ball such as alumina ball, zirconium silicate ball, steel ball, agate and glass beads, zirconium oxide grinding ball media namely Y - TZP grinding medium has high density, great hardness, superior toughness and other characteristics. The grinding efficiency of zirconium oxide grinding ball media is beyond traditional grinding media. High wear resistance of zirconia grinding ball media can prevent pollution of material and chemical corrosion which could affect the service life of the grinding medium.

Superior performance of TZP ceramics grinding media is especially suitable for the following fields.

1.The grinding and dispersing of high quality ceramic pigments, toner, special glaze and decoration materials, Y - TZP grinding media can prevent pollution of material and ensure stability quality of product .

2. Ultrafine grinding and crushing of fused zirconia, sintered zirconium oxide and zirconium silicate, Y - TZP grinding mircobead can guarantee the purity of product, and improve the grinding efficiency.

3. Be used in high-tech production process, such as silicon nitride, silicon carbide and quartz ceramic ceramics

4. Application in grinding of fine electronic ceramic materials, magnetic materials and lithium battery materials.

5. Applied in high-grade paint, ink, food, medicine, chemical and other superfine grinding industries.

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